Sue Grantis

“As a Registered Nurse Psychotherapist, I can’t tell you how thankful I was to meet Anne-Marie and learn of her compassionate wisdom to move through the darkness of grief and loss. She was truly one of those people you meet in life…..that helps you to know hope and healing ARE POSSIBLE! I first met Anne-Marie, at a recent grief and trauma training at a Warriors Oasis Retreat in New Mexico. With such grace and authenticity, Anne-Marie shared her own tragic story of loss and then moved into sharing extremely practical strategies that have come from extensive research.This wisdom goes far beyond what we commonly know to be comforts in guiding people through grief. With great care and understanding Anne-Marie creates a safe and trusting environment to create a doorway into healing. Anne-Marie invites us to honour our loved ones and helps us to be curious about envisioning the future and not only the past. I would wholeheartedly invite anyone to join her retreat settings or seek one on one counseling support!”