Personalized Grief Healing Programs, Orientations & Retreats

During your complimentary call, we’ll see if this is the right program for you at the right time, or recommend other options if it is not. 

We offer a variety of personalized services to support you after losing a loved one

For Individuals


  • Private Personalized Grief Healing Program

For those who are ready to begin processing and working on their grief.  (No openings at this time)

  • Private Individual Grief Orientation Session for Newly Grieving

We often hear from newly grieving people who are overwhelmed, stunned and out of sorts. They aren’t ready for the healing program we offer, but they need help. This one session will help prepare you for your grief  journey and understand the impact of the loss and your grief.  We will share support tools and resources specific to your type of loss and answer the many questions you may have as we try to give you some sense of control and hope in the chaos caused by this devastating loss. 

$235 (55 minute session)  Schedule Below



Next Chapter Widow Retreat

Our widows’ retreats are intimate-only 4 women! They are intensive and all-inclusive and include 2 aftercare online sessions. Everything is covered. You just need to get yourself there.

We create a sacred and safe space to do some deep healing work. Each widow’s experience is personalized to achieve the best possible results.

This powerful and transformational grief healing program sets the foundation for living fully and forward while remembering your husband well.



Family Grief Orientation Session

A loss impacts the entire family, causing sadness, confusion, anxiety and so many other emotions. Often family members respond to the loss differently, causing judgement and disconnect.

We have had tremendous success bringing families together for a one time grief orientation session where we help them understand the impact on them individually and as a family, come together on how to support each other and how to honor and remember their loved one. We share helpful tools and resources depending on the needs of each family and individual and answer any questions related to the loss and the grief journey.

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Success Stories

Anne-Marie and Ron, your program changed my life forever. I will never forget what you have taught me and will use these skills often.


Thank you Ron and Anne-Marie. I trust you completely and thank you for helping me feel more sane and grounded. I hear your words in my head and I hang onto them.


I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. You both changed my life and gave me hope again. I am so grateful.


Thank you for everything, Anne-Marie and Ron. Wanda and I talked on the way to the airport about what a different place we feel we are in compared to 4 days ago.


I am so grateful to you and Ron. You two are amazing!!


I feel so lucky to have found you and decided to take this journey with you and Ron.You two are such special people. I am sitting here and feeling so much gratitude to you both. Thank you.


Anne Marie, I know that you and Ron put your heart and soul into this work. I thank God I found you.


I hope you understand the profound difference you have made in my life.


Anne-Marie and Ron, I want to thank you both again for your amazing work. It has impacted my journey so deeply and positively!


Anne-Marie is amazing! I felt completely understood and validated. It was like I mattered! It is just the way she speaks to you and has the ability to look deep in your eyes and understand who you are. I felt so safe as we processed my unresolved grief. I have a lightness in my life now. Everyone needs to do this!

Christian Widow Support

Monica Nordquist

Hands down one of the best experiences with a healer I have ever encountered. Anne-Marie as a person is healing, so the work she does flows naturally. She creates a sacred space for you to be yourself, unhurried and without judgment. She is truly gifted!

DO IT! Whatever it takes to get yourself into that office is worth it. You DESERVE this and you are WORTH IT! Your life will change for the better in ways you want and in ways you never realized. If you are considering it, take the leap. Anne-Marie and her program will catch you and hold you.

Widow Retreat

Talia Bombola

I am still reaping the benefits of the program. I didn’t even realize all the baggage I carried through life until I first came to Anne-Marie Lockmyer. She is fantastic, a Godsend.

Grief And Trauma Specialist

Joseph Netzel

This was the absolute BEST program I’ve attended!! I did the 6 session program and it helped me out 100%!! I’d lost both of my parents last year (within 4 months of each other) and wasn’t handling it very well. I was having major anxiety attacks.. crying and not wanting to leave my house! She helped me understand the process.. and gave me tools to work!! She saved my life!!!?

Grief And Trauma Support Workshops

Renee H.

My experience with Anne Marie, was life changing. Anne Marie is so loving and caring, I would definitely recommend this program to anyone.

Retreats For Widows

Robin Smith

I’m 72 and was still struggling with the damage of hurt and worthlessness that was impacting all my relationships. I thought I had processed and accepted my childhood. It wasn’t until I went through the process with Anne-Marie that I ended up truly forgiving and letting go. I walked through the prison doors that were created by pain and abuse and am free – finally! It’s awesome!

Retreats For Widows

Irma Morris

Anne-Marie Lockmyer is a Radiant soul who flourishes her gifts through her experience on Grief and Loss. She speaks directly to your heart! Her devotion and passion on Grief, Loss and Trauma is the real thing! Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Shame, Sadness, Loss – deeply hurts. Anne-Marie shares we are wired for change we are wired to Grow, we are wired to Heal. Learning to Rewire. Learning to Heal your broken Heart is possible. The door to the human heart can only be opened from the inside, through deep work and Anne-Marie is that person to help you. She has experienced deep loss herself.

Grief Recovery Specialist

Lisa Scandolari

Best Widow Retreat

Grief 101: An Introduction to Grief and Loss

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