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Beginning in January, Ron will have a few spots available on Wednesdays for grief & trauma counseling. Call or email for a consultation call.

Hope & Healing for the Brokenhearted!

Feeling hopeless or stuck after the death of a loved one? You may be overwhelmed by grief and barely surviving. You don’t want to stay where you are, but you have no idea what to do.

Dear friend, healing from the devastation of grief and trauma is possible. We have experienced it ourselves and have guided people all over the world on a healing journey through our life-changing grief counseling, retreats, and grief healing programs. You don’t have to go through this alone!

During your complimentary call, you’ll speak with Anne-Marie, an experienced grief and trauma counselor, who will help determine if this is the right program for you at the right time.

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Anne-Marie Lockmyer

Ron Gray

Anne-Marie Lockmyer

  • Grief Specialist

  • Certified in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

  • Certified Trauma Integrative Practitioner

  • Award-Winning Author

  • Widow

  • Co-Creator of MyGriefCare Online Support Program

Ron Gray

  • Grief Specialist

  • Master Marriage & Family Therapist

  • EDMR Trauma Practitioner

  • Speaker

  • Author

  • Widower

  • Co-Creator of MyGriefCare Online Support Program

When People Ask Us What We Do, We Tell Them That We Mend Broken Hearts.

If you feel stuck, hopeless or are just surviving, you can reach out to us by email or schedule a call. As professional grief and trauma counselors, we will work with you to discover if this is the time to begin your healing journey with counseling, online grief support, and healing retreats.

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September 15: Widows Tea

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January 13 – 16: Widows Grief Healing Retreat

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Gardening Your Grief

Gardening Your Grief

Our grief could be compared to an overgrown garden. We know it's there, but we don't really want to face it. For a while, we might be able to put it out of our minds but it's still there getting more daunting the longer we ignore it. ‍Traditional grief work encourages...

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How to Create A Blanket of Comfort

How to Create A Blanket of Comfort

A Step-by-Step Instruction by Anne-Marie Lockmyer On page 43 of my book, When Their World Stops: The Essential Guide to Truly Helping Anyone in Grief, I mentioned that the Blanket of Comfort a friend made for me was the best gift I could have ever received.  I...

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Healing from the Pain of Divorce

Healing from the Pain of Divorce

Divorce causes grief. And it should. It is a loss of hopes, dreams and expectations you had for a marriage. There can be feelings of anger, resentment, shame, betrayal. You can feel like it is now your identity. You can be disappointed in yourself and feel others are...

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Anne-Marie is the author of the

8-Time Award-Winning Book

Learn more about the book:
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“I wish everyone could read this book so they will be prepared to support loved ones when a tragedy strikes. Excellent resource with practical steps to help a grieving friend.”

– Mindy Daffron
Crisis Team Manager,
Trauma Intervention Program


Divorce Demystified Podcast

Anne-Marie is interviewed about the loss and grief caused by divorce and how to heal


Mindfulness and Grief - Guilt, Regret, & Traumatic Loss: How To Stop Blaming Yourself

Guilt, Regret, & Traumatic Loss: How To Stop Blaming Yourself


Grieving and Healing From The Losses In Life

Anne-Marie talks with Influencers Radio about the misconceptions surrounding grief and how she is helping people around the world embark on a journey of healing.


Grief 101: An Introduction to Grief and Loss

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