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Feeling hopeless or stuck after the death of a loved one? You may be overwhelmed by grief and barely surviving. You don’t want to stay where you are, but you have no idea what to do.

Dear friend, healing from the devastation of grief and trauma is possible. We have experienced it ourselves and have guided people all over the world on a healing journey through our life-changing grief counseling, retreats, and grief healing programs. You don’t have to go through this alone!

Grief And Trauma Specialist<br />

During your complimentary call, you’ll speak with Anne-Marie, an experienced grief and trauma counselor, who will help determine if this is the right program for you at the right time.

Private Individual Grief Orientation Session for Newly Grieving

We often hear from newly grieving people who are overwhelmed, stunned and out of sorts. They aren’t ready for the healing program we offer, but they need help. This one session will help prepare you for your grief  journey and understand the impact of the loss and your grief.  We will share support tools and resources specific to your type of loss and answer the many questions you may have as we try to give you some sense of control and hope in the chaos caused by this devastating loss. 

$235 (55 Minute Session)  

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  • 5 things every griever needs to know
  • 6 ways to help a grieving friend
  • The orderly stages of grief myth
  • 37 ways to remember a loved one
  • How to find the right grief support
  • A permission list for grievers

Our Core Beliefs

  • Every person's grief journey is unique, distinctive and personal.
  • People experiencing deep loss need permission & space to grieve well.
  • The grieving process is messy and has no timelines or orderly stages.
  • Every griever needs a support system so they don't travel this journey alone.
  • Deep grief is unlike anything else you can imagine until you have experienced it.
  • Grief remains inside you until you actively express it.
  • Deep grief will not heal itself - it requires active work.
  • Healing from loss includes remembering your lost loved one - not forgetting them.
  • Healing from loss will test everything you have within you and more.
  • The intense pain of grief can give birth to growth, beauty and wisdom.

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Our Care Team

Anne-Marie Lockmyer

Ron Gray

Anne-Marie Lockmyer

Grief And Trauma Specialist<br />
  • Grief Specialist

  • Certified in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

  • Certified Trauma Integrative Practitioner

  • Award-Winning Author

  • Widow

  • Co-Creator of MyGriefCare Online Support Program

Ron Gray

Grief Support Groups in Orange County CA
  • Grief Specialist

  • Master Marriage & Family Therapist

  • EDMR Trauma Practitioner

  • Speaker

  • Author

  • Widower

  • Co-Creator of MyGriefCare Online Support Program

When People Ask Us What We Do, We Tell Them That We Mend Broken Hearts.

If you feel stuck, hopeless or are just surviving, you can reach out to us by email or schedule a call. As professional grief and trauma counselors, we will work with you to discover if this is the time to begin your healing journey with counseling, online grief support, and healing retreats.

Our Story and How We Can Help

Client Journeys


Ashley Kowarsch

 “I attended The Haven for a widow’s retreat in 2023 after losing my husband unexpectedly. After a year a half of working through my grief in various ways, I was looking to push through some significant areas where I was stuck and found this retreat. The exercises and one-on-one time with Anne-Marie and Ron helped me “turn a corner” in my grief journey and gave me so much hope and permission to find joy in life again. The space at The Haven is peaceful and beautiful and us widows felt loved and catered to throughout the entire time we were there. I wish every widow could have the opportunity to work on their grief and heartbreak in this incredible way. It was the most impactful four days I could have ever imagined.


Julie Green

 “I lost my 19yr old son to suicide and it has been the most emotionally painful experience in my life. The work that I did with Ann-Marie and Ron has given me much relief from the extreme pain of loss and has allowed me to also discover other losses in my past that I am continuing to process. My hope is to have freedom from past trauma and its effects on me. I have tried other therapy through the years and have never found anything that really worked to process the pain of trauma. I am learning that the effects of unresolved and unprocessed trauma can lead to physical and emotional illness, having the right tools for how to process these traumas is essential for living a full, happy and healthy life. I cannot say enough good things about how professional, caring, and effective this work is, I highly recommend it for anyone that is seeking relief from grief and loss.


Tammi Risse

“This has been a very eye-opening experience!!! I was glad to learn I am not broken or damaged. I’m completely normal. This was hard, but worth it! I was given the tools to clean out all the pain in my heart. That is not to say it won’t come back or happen again, but NOW I have the ability too work through the anger, hurt and pain, and make more room in my heart for future love, joy, and happiness! I’m looking forward to the new memories I plan on making, and getting to know and like and accept the new me. I’m grateful for this amazing opportunity. I was given a lifelong gift, that I will treasure forever. Thank You, and God bless!”


Kathy T

“I could not speak my husband’s name without crying. I loved him so much, was married for 47 years and He died instantly in the next room, unknown. We were the perfect puzzle piece. I found out I was angry, guilty, wanted to tell my husband things before he left and I was being a brat before he passed the last half hour. I couldn’t complete my loss. But now I have!  I did it! He will always be my Man and I will always be his Lady. Thank you!”


Lori T

“As Anne-Marie explained what grief is, it confirmed I had unresolved pain in my life. I felt like I was doing well dealing with one particular (huge) loss, but sometimes my emotions were triggered and I felt sad, upset or other emotions that just never seemed to go away. Since processing one of my biggest losses, I have felt no pain, sadness or anger toward this person. I had put this loss in a box on a shelf, so I didn’t have to see it/feel it, but it needed to come off the shelf and its contents “shredded.” When the process was completed, I felt and continue to have feelings of relief. Anne-Marie is a gentle, kind and loving person; perfect for walking through this process with you. She listens intently and helps you see things you can’t see because you’re too close to the situation. She makes herself available for questions and guidance through the process and is very encouraging, especially when it gets toughest and you need that extra gentle push to get past the most painful part. She is transparent, genuine and open with the details of her own journey, so you never feel alone or abandoned. Anyone considering this program should just do it!! The emotional weight that is lifted is life-changing. It’s that simple. Totally worth it. ” 

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“I wish everyone could read this book so they will be prepared to support loved ones when a tragedy strikes. Excellent resource with practical steps to help a grieving friend.”

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