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Pain is Real. So is hope.

I help grievers overcome the pain and suffering of loss in-person or online. Let’s start your healing journey today!

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Experience Freedom From The Pain Of Grief And Loss In 6 Weeks


You need understanding and validation. Society, friends and family often don’t understand. I create a safe place where you can be honest and authentic. My approach is unique with each client since everyone grieves differently. I get you; I’ve been there; you are not alone.

Discovery & Awareness

Become empowered as I teach you about grief and loss. I will explain what is happening to you. Why are you feeling and behaving the way you are? Why do your friends not understand? Things will start to make sense. You will have many aha moments. Together, we’ll pinpoint where you are and what to do next.


Recovery has a beginning and an end. It is not counseling. This is a uniquely personal action orientated program where we take specific steps towards healing. In this intensive 6 session method I will guide you through every step and be your personal grief coach.

Relief & Freedom

The ultimate goal is to deal with all the unresolved grief that you have been carrying. As a result, your heart has been heavy and needs relief so you can start feeling the good things in life again. You will be free to live forward.

Equipping for the Future

You leave with tools to use if other losses occur. (broken relationships, job loss, pet loss, health issues, retirement, empty nest, etc).The more losses you process the healthier you will be.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them that I mend broken hearts.

If you feel stuck, hopeless or are just surviving, you can reach out to me by email or schedule a call to discover if this is the time to begin your healing journey.


Count Your Losses To See How They Have Impacted Your Life



Experience Freedom From The Pain Of Grief And Loss In 6 Weeks
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"Hands down one of the best experiences with a healer I have ever encountered. Anne-Marie as a person is healing, so the work she does flows naturally. She creates a sacred space for you to be yourself, unhurried and without judgment. She is truly gifted!"

Talia Bombola

- Marriage & Family Therapist
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Anne-Marie is the author of the

Eight-Time Award-Winning Book

“I wish everyone could read this book so they will be prepared to support loved ones when a tragedy strikes. Excellent resource with practical steps to help a grieving friend."

- Mindy Daffron
Crisis Team Manager,
Trauma Intervention Program
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