Your pain is real. But so is hope.

Experience Freedom from the Pain of Grief and Loss

Anne-Marie Lockmyer is an Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist®.

Learn About Our Process and Working with Anne-Marie

If you or someone you love is grieving, you might feel adrift, lost, and in pain. But know this: You are NOT alone. There is hope. And you can heal your broken heart.

I was once where you are now. One night, I got the call that everyone dreads. My husband had died. In that moment, everything changed. The grief was overwhelming. I felt like it would be with me forever. But I was wrong.

Whether you are grieving due to death, divorce, romantic breakup, or another kind of loss, I can help guide you through these feelings to finally heal.

Learn About Our Process and Working with Anne-Marie

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Grief & Trauma Support

Life After Loss is a proven and effective program that uses the Grief Recovery Method to help individuals recover from loss, grief, and trauma.

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Corporate Programs

Increase employee productivity and reduce costs while promoting a happier, healthier workplace.

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Speaking Engagements

Anne-Marie can speak on many topics, including Myths and Truths about Grief, Loss, And Recovery; Helping Children Cope with Loss; and more.

If you're with a faith-based organization or church, I would be happy to offer a free 60-minutes workshop to help you better guide your parishioners through their grief.

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When Their World Stops: The Essential Guide to Truly Helping Anyone in Grief

Our Eight-Time Award-Winning Book

"I wish everyone could read this book so they will be prepared to support loved ones when a tragedy strikes. Excellent resource with practical steps to help a grieving friend."

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"Anne-Marie was able to connect with the audience immediately and deeply, she has them crying but also at times, laughing.  Her down-to-earth demeanor and genuine concern along with her educational content had powerful impact." Les Triche, Principal, El Prado Adult School and College Programs, California Institutition for Women.

"One of the most powerful, engaging speakers I've meet.  She is a wealth of information, personable, just an all-around down-to-earth wonderful person."  RoxAnne Le Sene, Executive Vice President, Internal Empowerment Coaching

“Anne-Marie Lockmyer told a good story with humor and deep truths. She was passionate, practical, and really connected with the audience!” Alan Weisenberger, En Lumen Leadership Services

“I had no idea I was still carrying around so much pain over my divorce.  What a relief to be free.  Thank you for making me feel valued and cared for and taking me through grief recovery. Everyone needs to do this!” JN

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