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This is not how we thought life would be.  We both suffered the devastating loss of our beloved spouses and couldn’t imagine we would ever recover.  But we did.  And we have worked with countless others to bring them hope and healing after their losses. After serving the grieving community as individuals, we met as professionals, began collaborating, and it unexpectedly led to something more. We married in 2020.

Our greatest joy is supporting and loving the broken hearts created by grief. We’ve been there.  We get you.  And we know how to help you. Thanks for checking us out.  


Anne-Marie Lockmyer & Ron Gray


Grief And Trauma Specialist

Anne-Marie Lockmyer

Anne-Marie Lockmyer is a grief specialist, certified in critical incident stress debriefing, a certified trauma-integrative practitioner, 8-time award-winning author on grief, and founder of The Grief & Trauma Healing Network. As a widow herself, Anne-Marie knows the pain and devastation that grief and loss cause and is living proof that you can go from surviving to thriving. Anne-Marie works with people worldwide, and is passionate about advocating for and loving grievers and being an educational catalyst to society on grief and loss.

Ron Gray, LMFT

Ron Gray is a master marriage and family therapist specializing in grief and related trauma. Ron developed a passion for helping people heal from loss and related trauma following the loss of his wife to a prolonged fight with cancer.  In response, Ron now facilitates grief recovery groups, offers life-changing healing retreats for widows, individuals and families, and trains therapists on grief and loss.  He is a powerful speaker on grief and loss topics and helps clients heal from lingering trauma symptoms with their deeply personal losses. 

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