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October 18-21 (2 spots left!)  All other retreats are full.

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 orange county, Ca

Widow Grief Retreat

A personalized retreat for only 4 widows, held at a beautiful retreat center in Orange, CA. Hope and healing for your grieving heart.

The Next Chapter

Family Grief Counseling<br />

You Are Invited To:

Grief And Trauma Support Workshops<br />
  • A 4-day intimate widow grief support & healing experience with 3 other widows.
  • Experience a safe place to go deep into your broken heart to start to release some of the pain from the death or your husband and hold on to more of the love.
  • Learn how to live after the loss of your husband and rediscover who you are by creating a good, yet different life, while still remembering your husband well.
  • Get away from the noise and busyness of life and come to a safe place of widow support to deal with all emotions and widow grief in an environment that encourages refreshment and restoration.

   Why We Are Unique and One of the Best Widow Retreats Available


In grief counseling with widows and being a widow and widower, we have seen the same pattern happening over and over again:

  • You hurt more than you ever thought possible, and you’re not sure how to go on from here.
  • You wonder what your life will look like and who you will be without your husband.
  • You may feel overwhelmed, fearful and stuck.
  • You don’t want to stay in this place but you have no idea what to do.

So we designed the best widow retreat we could to deal with two areas – healing from the emotional pain and trauma of  widow grief and preparing you for how to create a good life, while honoring and remembering your husband.

Our widow support retreats are intimate – only 4 women! They are intensive and all-inclusive. Everything is covered except travel.  You just need to get yourself there.

We personalize this experience for each of the 4 widows to achieve the best results possible. This program is powerful and transformational and sets the foundation for living fully and forward while remembering your husband.  It really is the ultimate widow support event.

This is a time and space of safety, acceptance and a widow support community. As sharing the tears, laughter and love that are shared by women who are in the same experience is healing in itself. It is a place for widows to belong. It is a place for hope and for healing.

Won’t you join us for this special event uniquely designed to support widows in a life changing way?  Schedule a clarity call or reach out to us today!

Grief Recovery Specialist

Widow Retreat Details

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Led by grief and trauma specialists Anne-Marie Lockmyer & Ron Gray, LMFT, this unique 5 day, in-person widow retreat will take place in beautiful Southern California and provide the opportunity for immense healing and processing of grief.

Grief Recovery Specialist<br />

Anne-Marie Lockmyer

Anne-Marie Lockmyer is a grief specialist, certified in critical incident stress debriefing, a certified trauma-integrative practitioner, 8-time award-winning author on grief, and founder of The Grief & Trauma Healing Network. As a widow herself, Anne-Marie knows the pain and devastation that grief and loss cause and is living proof that you can go from surviving to thriving.

Anne-Marie offers life-changing grief support for widows with widow retreats and also works with individuals and families worldwide. She leads grief support  groups, offers crisis grief support for businesses, grief training for therapists and counselors, and speaks on grief wherever she can. She is passionate about advocating for and loving grievers, especially supporting widows and being an educational catalyst to society on grief and loss.

Grief Support Speaker<br />

Ron Gray

Ron Gray is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in grief and trauma, and founder of OC Christian Counseling and Christian Grief and Trauma. Ron’s developed a passion for helping people heal from loss and related trauma following the loss of his wife to a prolonged fight with cancer.

Ron facilitates grief recovery groups, offers life-changing retreats for widows, individuals and families, and trains therapists on grief and loss.  Ron is a public speaker focused on grief and loss topics, and helps clients heal from lingering trauma symptoms associated with their deeply personal losses. Ron is also the owner and co-founder of The Haven Spiritual Retreat Center in Orange, California.

California Widow Retreat

The Next Chapter Widow Retreat takes place at the beautiful Haven Retreat Center in Orange, California. It’s a small retreat center in an area called Orange Park Acres and is near all the city offerings but you feel away from the city when you are here.

Everyone woman has her own private bedroom with a private bathroom.

The closest airport is Santa Ana (SNA) and is a 20-minute drive away.  It’s easy to take an Uber or cab from the airport.  LAX is 45 miles away.  We encourage you to fly into SNA if possible as it is smaller, close by and easier to get to and from.

Available Dates:

  • March 15th - 18th, 2024
  • This retreat is full.
  • June 28 - July 1st , 2024
  • This retreat is full.
  • August 2 - 5, 2024
  • This retreat is full.
  • October 18-21, 2024
  • Last retreat of 2024! 2 spots left!

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Grief Retreat California<br />
Grief Retreat California<br />
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Your Widow Retreat Experience Includes:

Grief Recovery Specialist

Pre-Retreat Exercises

6 Group and 3 Private Sessions During the Retreat

2 Aftercare Group Zoom Sessions

1 Private Equine Coaching Session

1 Group Equine Coaching Session

1 Private 60-Minute Full-Body Massage

All Materials

3 Nights Lodging with Private Room and Private Bath

All Meals and Activities

And so much more!! We have some great surprises for you!

Grief Counseling
Trauma Therapist Orange County
Grief Support Groups in Orange County CA
Grief Healing Program
Widow Retreat
Trauma Healing Retreat
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Includes Everything Except Transportation & Travel Insurance

(Credit Cards, Debit, Zelle)



 The Haven Retreat Center, Orange, California

(Closest Airport SNA – Orange County) 





Monday 10:30am



 Follow up Session – 2 weeks after retreat


What People Are Saying


Ashley Kowarsch

 “I attended The Haven for a widow’s retreat in 2023 after losing my husband unexpectedly. After a year a half of working through my grief in various ways, I was looking to push through some significant areas where I was stuck and found this retreat. The exercises and one-on-one time with Anne-Marie and Ron helped me “turn a corner” in my grief journey and gave me so much hope and permission to find joy in life again. The space at The Haven is peaceful and beautiful and us widows felt loved and catered to throughout the entire time we were there. I wish every widow could have the opportunity to work on their grief and heartbreak in this incredible way. It was the most impactful four days I could have ever imagined.



 “Thank you so much for a really encouraging, beautiful experience. I can’t tell you how much every aspect of this retreat helped my heart and soul. I really appreciate your hospitality and this beautiful place”


Tracie Goodridge

 “My life changed forever on January 16, 2021 when I lost my husband. It has been a tremendously difficult time since his passing and I felt like I was drowning in sorrow. My sorrow turned into hope after the time I spent at the Widow Grief Retreat with Ron and Anne-Marie. This entire time I have been searching for anything that I could do to make my situation better. I’m actively involved in my church, I attend a widow group and I have spoken to a couple therapists. After all my attempts at seeking help I felt that something was still missing. That was until I took a huge leap of faith and put myself out there to attend this Grief Retreat. My time at the retreat was amazing. The tools that were shared with me on how to navigate through this life without my husband have been extremely helpful. The exercises that I worked on while at the Retreat and after being home have allowed me to release the pain, frustration and anger I have been holding onto during this time. I met three beautiful ladies at the Retreat that I knew understood what it’s like to go through this type of tragedy. I’m so happy to now call them my friends. Ron and Anne-Marie are incredible individuals that know the pain of losing a spouse, and they are well equipped to help others. I would recommend anyone that has suffered a loss of their loved one to attend this retreat.”



 “Anne-Marie and Ron, if I had never been put on this journey, I never would have met you, and for that, I am so thankful. You are both doing God’s work in such a healing, sensitive, tender way. You truly have been given gifts and talents, and are using them well. Thank you for this beautiful experience. There just are no words to truly tell you how wonderful it has been. You are the most gracious hosts and everything was superb! I am ready and excited to tackle my next chapter and to see where God leads me. Thank you for this most precious gift”

I felt warmth and welcome the minute I arrived at the retreat  and my room was so lovely and relaxing.  I loved sitting in the chair in the corner thinking and writing in my journal..My husband Rick passed on Sept 14, 2022. We were married 48 years, I fell in love with Rick at 17 and it continued to grow. We were blessed.

 As they say, with great love comes great grief. I thought I could do this all by myself then I realized I could not. So from the minute I meant Anne-Marie & Ron I knew I needed to go there.  I can say they changed my world, taught me how to let it all out, to think about what Rick would have wanted me to do now that he is gone.  Lots of our sessions were uncomfortable but we learned something from each and every one. I bonded with the other girls and we are already planning on going to Widows Camp together.  Knowing they are just a text or phone call away helps now that I am back in reality.

 Since I have been back people say I am  lighter and happier.  I am so grateful for this retreat. Thank you Ron & Anne-Marie.

Kathi Fields

I was honored to be part of such a loving and amazing space, even just for a few days.  I am so touched by your kindness and thoughtfulness and am deeply grateful for you both and this life-giving time. I have never felt so safe and cared for. With much love, respect and admiration!


Dearest Ron and Anne-Marie, I don’t how to express my gratitude for how much you helped me in so many ways. I know this is the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life. It has been an incredible 4 days. I will never forget your kindness and generosity in making me feel at home. I look forward to the new journey that you helped me begin.


I attended a widows retreat this past weekend with Ron and Anne-Marie. I arrived feeling weary, broken hearted, anxious, raw and hopeless. This retreat exceeded all of my expectations and I felt so loved and cared for by both of you. I met 3 other widows who are now my sisters for life. You provided us with exercises and life changing tools to move on to the next chapter of our lives. Words alone cannot express my gratitude to both of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mary McAllen

I feel so lucky to have found you and decided to take this journey with you and Ron.You two are such special people. I am sitting here and feeling so much gratitude to you both. Thank you.


One month out from the retreat and I am in awe of the depth of healing I experienced. There seem to be no words to accurately describe the transformation in myself and the other women. The curriculum is powerful and explains why each step is necessary to complete for real understanding and healing can take place. But as good as the curriculum may be, it was the safe environment you created which allowed such a deep healing to happen. From the moment I arrived, I was like I was wrapped in a blanket of pampering, love and acceptance acknowledgment and safety. No stone unturned. You nourished our minds, our hearts and our souls. There is no stopping this train. There are so many who will benefit from a retreat like this

Marci Savage

Thank you Ron and Anne-Marie. I trust you completely and thank you for helping me feel more sane and grounded. I hear your words in my head and I hang onto them.


Just made it home! Thank you and Ron so very much for this weekend. It was just what I needed and I’m forever grateful for this experience.


Schedule a widow retreat clarity call with Anne-Marie or email to learn how we can support your widow journey.

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Finding Joy After The

Loss of a Spouse



If you are a recent widow or even if it’s been years, if you are still hurting, this is for you as we are going to be specifically working on healing your heart. It is common, that even 5 years later, we are still not healed. Not because we don’t want to be, but because we haven’t had the tools. We will give them to you and personally walk you through the healing journey.

If you feel stuck and just don’t know how to move forward and create a beautiful life for yourself, then this retreat is for you.  Maybe you are surviving, but you want to thrive.  Maybe you thought you would be further along than this. 

If you would like to have a new community of friends who understand you, that you can relate to and have fun with – then this is for you.  You are going to feel so loved.



We had to really think about how to design this.  We could have created something for 50-100 women at a hotel somewhere and given them some tools and inspiration – but that would not give us the results we wanted for them. But it would cost a lot less.

We wanted a life-changing transformation! So we purposely designed it to be this small so we could create the best widow retreat possible for you.  And to get that, it must be small and intimate, and it must be personalized and tailored to each grieving widow, where she is at and what her needs are. 


Absolutely everything except your travel to the widow retreat.  We take care of everything the moment you arrive.


We would tell you that you are absolutely normal and that is what the other ladies feel as well. As much as we want to improve, and take these steps, it is also scary when we go out of our comfort zone and make ourselves vulnerable. We will do everything we can to put you at ease before you even arrive at our widow retreat. That is part of the pre-care. Don’t let fear hold you back. It takes courage to heal and live again!


SNA (Orange County/John Wayne Airport).  It’s about 20 minutes away and easy to get here from there.  LAX is 45 miles away and it is much more involved getting to and from it.  Uber is expensive from LAX and we find that people find SNA is so easy.


No.  Each lady has her own private bedroom and private full bathroom. 


Women of all faiths are welcome.  This is not a Christian retreat but we are Christians and if a widow is a Christian and wants to bring that into our private work together throughout the retreat, we love to do that.  No matter what faith our widows are, we pray for them and our weekend together from the time they register.  We pray to be used to bring hope and healing to their broken hearts and that God would show us exactly what each lady needs.


It’s a great idea if you are coming from the east coast, Canada or other long distance to fly in the day before the retreat so you aren’t rushed, tired or take a chance of not making it due to delayed flights. 

Some hotels near the airport are below, so you can take a free shuttle to them from the airport (SNA) and then Uber here the next day. It’s about a 20-minute drive from the airport to us.

Airport Hotels: (there are many, but here are two nice, lower-cost ones)

Hyatt House Irvine – free on-demand airport shuttle, hot breakfast included

Hampton Inn & Suites Irvine – free on-demand airport shuttle and to-go breakfast



Yes!  We strongly recommend that you protect your investment as we cannot give refunds due to having just 4 people.  Travel insurance is easy to get and covers your trip costs if you have to cancel for a covered reason.  For even more protection, we recommend you get a policy with “cancel for any reason” coverage, which allows you to cancel for any reason at all and get 75% of your costs back.  Here is a website to compare policies and here is a link to a video we made to show you how to shop for travel insurance.

Please cover the total cost of your trip: retreat, airfare and hotel if you are arriving early.


You can’t register online as we want to talk to you to make sure this California widow retreat is the right fit for you and answer any questions you have.  If it isn’t, we will tell you.  So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email, phone or on the form on this page and we will set up a time to chat.  You can schedule a call with me here:

Best Widow Retreat

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