Lori T

As Anne-Marie explained what grief is, it confirmed I had unresolved pain in my life. I felt like I was doing well dealing with one particular (huge) loss, but sometimes my emotions were triggered and I felt sad, upset or other emotions that just never seemed to go away. Since processing one of my biggest losses, I have felt no pain, sadness or anger toward this person. I had put this loss in a box on a shelf, so I didn’t have to see it/feel it, but it needed to come off the shelf and its contents “shredded.” When the process was completed, I felt and continue to have feelings of relief. Anne-Marie is a gentle, kind and loving person; perfect for walking through this process with you. She listens intently and helps you see things you can’t see because you’re too close to the situation. She makes herself available for questions and guidance through the process and is very encouraging, especially when it gets toughest and you need that extra gentle push to get past the most painful part. She is transparent, genuine and open with the details of her own journey, so you never feel alone or abandoned. Anyone considering this program should just do it!! The emotional weight that is lifted is life-changing. It’s that simple. Totally worth it.