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One of the most difficult things we must deal with in our lives is grief. Whether it be the grief of losing a loved one or the grief of losing a job, it’s possible to find yourself unable to move forward in your life, sometimes even for years.

I’ve met countless people who have been stuck in this cycle of pain, unable to get past their loss. In fact, I was once one of them. This is why I offer grief workshops and educational presentations for community groups, schools, churches, retreats, and conference speaking. As a certified grief recovery specialist, I strive to make these seminars both empowering and transformative with humor, openness, and honesty

Speaking Topics

1. Let’s Talk About Grief: Lies and Truths About Grief, Loss, and Recovery
2. What Grieving People Wish You Knew: How to Confidently Approach and Support the Brokenhearted
3. Pain is Real, But So is Hope: 5 Lessons I Learned from Loss
4. The Power of Choice: Turning Tragedy into Triumph
5. Help! I’m Grieving: How Adults Can Help Children Cope With Loss
6. How to Retain a Widowed Client: The Art of Connecting During Grief
7. Managing Grief and Loss in the Workplace: The Secret Weapon to Improving Productivity and Decreasing Costs in Business

These are not the only areas that I am an expert in. If you have a specific request, I would be happy to design a custom workshop especially for your audience.

“Anne-Marie was able to connect with the audience immediately and deeply, she had them crying but also, at times, laughing. Her down-to-earth demeanor and genuine concern along with her educational content had a powerful impact."
             - Les Triché, Principal, El Prado Adult School and College Programs, California Institution for Women

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