Why are the holidays so hard when you are grieving?

Grief is heavy enough on its own but add the holiday season to it, and it gets even worse. Most grievers dread the first holiday season after they have a lost a loved one, or even the second or third holiday season after. These are all tough times.



  1. Grief doesn’t take a holiday
  2. Holidays are stressful ANYWAY!
  3. EXPECTATIONS and MEMORIES swirl around us
  4. It’s about families and friends and traditions
  5. We are keenly award of WHO IS MISSING
  6. The PRESSURE is immense
  7. Between Thanksgiving to New Year is a powder keg of bittersweet CONFLICTING EMOTIONS that go on and on, seemingly without end (Actually, it probably starts at  Halloween)
  8. While others seem like they may be having the Hallmark holiday, we can feel isolated,lonely, left out, frustrated and like we need to “keep up” and be cheery
  9. Our hearts can be breaking, our brain is in a fog, our legs are heavy and we would rather stay in bed

These holidays can be tough. These holidays will not be the same as the past. BUT they can STILL HAVE SOME GOOD MOMENTS – even in the midst of the pain!


Grief 101: An Introduction to Grief and Loss

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