When Their World Stops

The Essential Guide to Helping Anyone in Grief

Anne-Marie's Eight-Time Award Winning Book

When their World Stops


The first thing I learned was not to expect much from my friends so that I wouldn’t be disappointed. And it was true. It’s not that friends don’t care or don’t want to help. They just have no idea what to do or say. I was one of those friends myself. We are able to support our friends through many hard times, but when it comes to the death of a loved one it’s like we get tongue-tied and paralyzed. We are fearful, desperately wanting to help but feeling inadequate to do so. Grief makes us uncomfortable, and we are at a loss as to what to do. Often we blurt out something we shouldn’t. Or, sometimes, we simply do nothing.I hope that what I’ve learned through my grief experience will help you be the friend you want to be to the grieving person in your life—the one you’re trying to help right now. When we’re not there for those who are grieving, it’s not because we don’t care; we do. We just aren’t sure how to respond. And we’re scared. But we can do it. YOU can do it! And with a little knowledge and willingness, you will. Because you already have the most important quality you need to be helpful …YOU CARE!


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Book Reviews

"When the author promises to provide readers with exactly what to do to help those who are grief stricken, she delivers. This book offers helpers simple, practical and very effective strategies for helping those whose lives have been shattered." — Wayne Fortin, Founder
Trauma Intervention Programs Inc

"I read it in its entirety first thing this morning. It is truly well done! It often takes a pastor a decade to gain the wisdom she has expressed: some of them never “get it” no matter how long they serve. The reality and depth of human suffering aren’t readily learned in textbooks, but rather in working through personal loss and grief. Anne-Marie has done this so well and has kept good notes on the entire experience. "
— Dr. Clair MacMillan
National Director at Church of the Nazarene Canada

"This book will actually "speak" to you - all of you out there who has either lost a loved one or had to find a way to help/aid/support/comfort a friend who was going through the grieving process. No one knows exactly how to respond to grief. Your friends look away and you can actually feel the tension in the room because there truly is no sure way to comfort someone who has just dealt with a loss of this magnitude. The author took it upon herself to let others know what she learned about grief and offers a "door" to those who are hurt and those who are trying desperately to find the right way to comfort them during this time. These are helpful words and directions that will not solve the issues of grief, but allow you to better understand how to deal with grief and help a friend get through a horrible time. It is a fact that everyone grieves differently, but this author should be commended for tapping into her own traumatic experience to bring others a bit of peace."
— Featherquilled Book Reviews

"This book is an excellent practical resource to help you walk alongside a grieving loved one as they deal with a loss."
— Mindy Daffron
Crisis Team Manager, Trauma Intervention Program

"This book answers questions people are asking to ease their self-doubt about what to do in a most sensitive area - the death of a loved one. I love the practical help it gives people. The wealth of suggestions and ideas make her book a valuable resource everyone should have on hand."
— Bobbi Rill, M.A.
Grief Recovery Specialist and Trainer, Grief Recovery Institute

"This incredibly useful book helps you understand what to say (and avoid) when offering condolences. If you've ever been caught unaware of what to do or say when a family member, friend, colleague or acquaintance passed away, Anne-Marie Lockmyer's When Their World Stops is the book for you. Lockmyer gives the reader heartfelt, personal insight into the grief, disbelief and confusion of the sudden death of her husband, and the ups and downs of subsequent months and years - you'll find out why the second is often more difficult than the first - of mourning and emotional healing. This incredibly useful book helps you understand what to say (and avoid) when offering condolences, how to provide much-needed assistance during the blur of funeral arrangements and early days of grief, and, perhaps most importantly, how to remain a steadfast presence in the bereaved one's life as they forge a new life without their loved one. You'll want to keep this valuable book on hand, ready to consult or share as the need unfortunately arises."
— Stephanie Chandler

"I am a Psychologist who has not only experienced grief but have worked with others who are grieving. A friend asked me to read it and let her know what I thought. I think it is an excellent book. It is a quick and easy read with fabulous do's and don'ts. I think everyone should read it as it will be relevant for all of us at some point in our lives."
— Dr. M.R. (Amazon)

"This is a must read for anyone who is not a hermit! Seriously! The author tries to bridge the huge gap between those who are grieving lost loved ones and those who care to help. It truly does feel like your world stops and i appreciate how the authors writes this book from truly knowing what it is like. I know the grieving process is different for everyone, but there has to be some basics of approach to help and I am glad the author took the time to write it all down and most importantly to share them with us. Simple examples and suggestions are provided in this book. Go for it! Read this book! If you can then help someone else, or be a little more understanding, this book was well worth the price."
— Railroadkid5 (Amazon)

"This is a quick, easy read filled with helpful insights and perspectives. I appreciate that Anne-Marie recognizes there isn't a one-size-fits-all formula that applies to everyone, but she offers plenty of ideas on how to avoid offending and find out what will help your grieving friend the most."
— Amazon Reader

"I wish everyone could read this book so they will be prepared to support loved ones when a tragedy strikes. Excellent resource with practical steps to help a grieving friend."
— Amazon Reader

"I have recommended this book twice now to families who are in mourning over a loved one. Both times they were very grateful for the guidance it provides. It is easy to read and gives excellent advice for a variety of situations. When you just don't know what to say or do, this book has the answers."
— Sue Martin (Amazon)

"This is a must read for both people supporting someone who has had a loss and someone grieving from loss. It explores several aspects of grief through different avenues of loss, and comes from real people's perspective of what they needed from their support systems while grieving. I wish I would have had this resource when I experienced death of my brother 6 years ago."
— Jessica Trujillo (Amazon)

"Concise, compassionate and common sense advice on helping someone get through an impossibly sad event in their life. Order this for yourself and for anyone you love who might be experiencing some difficulty in their lives.
— Ladygreco (Amazon)

"Originally I ordered the book for myself as I am dealing with an aggressive form of Breast Cancer Recurrence and worry about my loved ones if I succumb to this horrific disease. I also, like many of us, have lost loved ones and always carry the pain of their loss with me. It is something we never completely understand or how long we will mourn and why we do the things we do without an awareness. Life just keeps going on around us but I have felt stuck in the past in so many ways. Anne- Marie by sharing her heart wrenching story has helped put so many things in perspective for me. Without a doubt this book will stay in my home and is something I and others have and will turn to during difficult times of loss. Her journey as painful and raw as it is is like a healing hand reaching out to guide us in understanding that what we are experiencing is shared by so many and we are not alone."
— Amazon Reader

"My best friend recently lost her husband and best friend of 40 years to cancer. His death, from diagnosis to no longer here was sudden and has again reminded me of Anne-Marie's journey. I will be sending a copy to help guide her through her horrible, debilitating grief. I am grateful to Mrs. Lockmyer that she shared her deepest personal thoughts, pain, and journey in the grieving process in an effort to heal and help others. A must read and a book we can all benefit from as every one of us will experience the painful loss of a loved one. I wish her and her family health and continued healing!"
— Amazon Reader

"Her book reads as easy as a conversation with a dear friend. After reading Anne-Marie Lockmyer's book, you know this woman has a heart for God and for those who are hurting. Her book reads as easy as a conversation with a dear friend. While reading, I found myself commenting 'Oh, no! I've said that' or after my son's death 'I remember when someone said that to me.' We all hurt at some point in our lives. Anne-Marie Lockmyer has given me gentle encouragement and practical ways to offer comfort.
— Nancy (Amazon)

"An excellent resource when your heart aches for someone who has lost a loved one. What to say, and not say, what to write in a sympathy card and so much more. No more wondering if you should or not. Well organized and filled with examples."
— Amazon Reader

"Anne-Marie Lockmyer has taken her pain and grief, and used it to help those who want to come alongside another hurting heart. This is a resource every grief ministry needs."
— Amazon Reader

"What a personal, yet widely applicable book. You can search for areas you are struggling with or read it front to back. I bought one for myself, and one to give away. We do so many things wrong when we are trying to do the right thing. It is a gift to hear what really helps instead of hurts."
— L. Wharton (Amazon)

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