When Their World Stops

The Essential Guide to Helping Anyone in Grief

Anne-Marie's Eight-Time Award Winning Book

When Their World Stops


When I first joined a grief group, the first thing I learned was that I couldn't expect much help from my friends. And it was true. It’s not that friends and loved ones didn't care or want to help; they just had no idea what to do or say. In fact, I was once one of those friends myself.

We support our friends through many difficult times but, when it comes to the death of a loved one, it’s like we get tongue-tied and paralyzed. We are fearful, desperately wanting to help but feeling inadequate to do so. Grief makes us uncomfortable and puts us at a loss of what to do. Sometimes, we may blurt out something we shouldn’t. Other times, we simply remain silent and do nothing.

In When Their World Stops, I draw from my own experiences with loss and grief in hopes that what I’ve learned will help you become the friend you want to be to the grieving person in your life—the one you’re trying to help right now. When we’re not there for those who are grieving, it’s not because we don’t care. We do. We're just scared. But we can do it. YOU can do it! Because you already have the most important quality you need to be helpful to a friend in grief…


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Check Out These Awards and Reviews!

"When the author promises to provide readers with exactly what to do to help those who are grief-stricken, she delivers. This book offers helpers simple, practical, and effective strategies for assisting those whose lives have been shattered."
Wayne Fortin, Founder, Trauma Intervention Programs Inc, www.tipnational.org

"I read When Their World Stops in its entirety this morning, cover to cover. It is truly well written! It can take a pastor a decade or more to gain the wisdom Anne-Marie has expressed in this book. In fact, some of them never 'get it,' no matter how long they serve. The reality and depth of human suffering can’t be learned from textbooks, but rather by struggling with personal loss and grief. Anne-Marie has gone through this herself, and is thankfully sharing her experience with us."
Dr. Clair MacMillan, National Director at Church of the Nazarene Canada

"This book will actually 'speak' to all of you out there who have either lost a loved one or had to find a way to help/aid/support/comfort a friend who was going through the grieving process. No one knows exactly how to respond to grief. Your friends may look away and the room may fill with tension because there truly is no sure way to comfort someone who has just dealt with a loss. The author took it upon herself to let others know what she learned about grief and offers a 'door' to both those who are hurt and those who are trying desperately to find the right way to comfort them. These are helpful words and directions that will not solve the issues of grief, but allow you to better understand how to deal with them and help a friend get through a horrible time. It is a fact that everyone grieves differently, but this author should be commended for tapping into her own traumatic experience to bring others a bit of peace."
Featherquilled Book Reviews

"This book is an excellent practical resource to help you walk alongside a grieving loved one as they deal with a loss."
Mindy Daffron, Crisis Team Manager, Trauma Intervention Program

"When Their World Stops will help you understand what to say (and avoid) when offering condolences. If you've ever been caught unaware of what to do or say when a family member, friend, colleague, or acquaintance passed away, this is the book for you. Anne-Marie gives her readers heartfelt, personal insight into the grief, disbelief, and confusion of the sudden death of her husband, and the ups and downs of subsequent months and years - you'll find out why the second is often more difficult than the first - of mourning and emotional healing. This incredibly useful book helps you understand how to provide much-needed assistance during the blur of funeral arrangements and early days of grief and, perhaps most importantly, how to remain a steadfast presence in the bereaved one's life as they forge ahead without their loved one. You'll want to keep this valuable book on hand, ready to consult or share as the need unfortunately arises."
Stephanie Chandler

"This book answers the difficult questions people ask themselves to ease self-doubt about what to do when struggling with the death of a loved one. I love the practical help it gives people. The wealth of suggestions and ideas make Anne-Marie's book a valuable resource everyone should have on hand."
Bobbi Rill, M.A., Grief Recovery Specialist and Trainer, Grief Recovery Institute


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