Trauma and Grief support

Living After Loss: A Journey to Freedom

Grief is the natural and normal response to any substantial loss

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Grievers aren't broken.  Their hearts are.  And their hearts are what need to be healed. So how do you heal a broken heart?  That's what the Grief Recovery Method is all about.

The Grief Recovery Method transformed me! 

I was stuck in the grief caused by my husband’s death and, after 3 years in therapy, I was still in so much pain. I wanted to get better but I didn’t know what to do.  I heard from others in various ways "It's time. Move on!" or "Get Over it."  But I couldn't. I didn't know how to. I was stuck .

Going through  the process of this method freed me from the pain I was carrying.  It was like a huge weight was lifted from me.  I wanted to live!  I was no longer just surviving.  I can now think about my husband and smile.

I can remember the happy memories without all the pain.  It doesn’t mean I still don’t get sad, because I will always miss him. 

But I no longer carry that heart wrenching excruciating pain.  I am free! And that is what I want for you! MOVE FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING!!
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So what is The Grief Recovery Method® program?

A proven and effective method that provides the tools, space, and support to work through and release the pain of a major life loss. It’s all about taking action steps to process the loss.

ONE-ON-ONE INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM: (7 weeks) Once a week 1 hour meeting (in-person for local clients and online video for distant) Available anytime.

What losses are okay to work on?

All losses are welcome! Death, divorce, broken relationships and life changing illnesses are the most common, but there are over 43 losses that can cause grief. Take the loss test here.

What can I expect from our time together?

During each session, you'll be welcomed into a confidential, non-judgmental space where you'll be expected to be transparent and honest about your loss. I will provide you tools and information and take you through the book “The Grief Recovery Method”. 

I am committed to guiding you through this journey as I emotionally wrap my arms around you and give you a safe place to work through these steps on your way to healing. You'll also be expected to complete weekly reading and assignments or what Iike to call "heartwork".

What should I bring?

A notebook and something to write with. Books and worksheets will be provided for you.

Do I have to attend every session?

Yes. If you miss a one-on-one session, you'll be asked to reschedule your session. Commitment to attend and complete the work is essential to your success.

How is The Grief Recovery Method® different from therapy?

The Grief Recovery Method® is a series of steps specifically designed to help you recover from major loss within a set time frame. Unlike traditional therapy, The Grief Recovery Method® comes with a specific framework, a distinct focus on grief, and a limited number of meetings. You will receive tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

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