"Hands down one of the best experiences with a healer I have ever encountered. Anne-Marie as a person is healing, so the work she does flows naturally. She creates a sacred space for you to be yourself, unhurried and without judgment. She is truly gifted!"

Talia Bombola

Marriage & Family Therapist

“Anne-Marie was able to connect with the audience immediately and deeply, she had them crying but also, at times, laughing. Her down-to-earth demeanor and genuine concern along with her educational content had a powerful impact."

Dr. Les Triché

Principal, California Institution for Women

I am still reaping the benefits of the program. I didn't even realize all the baggage I carried through life until I first came to Anne-Marie Lockmyer. She is fantastic, a Godsend

Joseph Netzel

Anne-Marie was always available and told me when I thought I couldn’t write another word “I got you”. She never let me go or anyone else. I am now free. Left with the precious memories and love of my husband. I let go of the guilt. She helped me through and she was there for me. No more pain only our memories

Private Client

After 34 years I never thought I would be able to release the anger, hate & pain from my father. But when I did I was exhausted, proud, relieved and so blessed. I would recommend this program and Anne-Marie to anyone and everyone. Thank you for this opportunity.

Private Client

"I felt supported around opening up to, being with, and feeling my deep pain and sense of loss. It allowed me to express my feelings without fear of judgement or needing to carry my pain alone. You witnessed and supported me as I reviewed my relationship with my husband. This gave me the opportunity to process, understand, surrender to and let go of the pain and to access the beautiful memories and the love, once again."

Sandy Lotz-Weiner

I lost my husband of 24 years unexpectedly. After plugging into a grief group and doing individual therapy, I still felt like I needed something more. Working with Anne-Marie made a huge difference for two main reasons: the material we used and Anne-Marie herself. Then the process time with Anne-Marie validated my experiences and gently, but persistently moved me forward in my emotional journey. I would highly recommend working with Anne-Marie to resolve unprocessed grief no matter how long ago the loss.

Christine Lister

Marriage and Family Therapist

Awesome Program! Everyone needs to experience this Grief Program!

Private Client

I’m 72 and was still struggling with the damage of hurt and worthlessness that was impacting all my relationships. I thought I had processed and accepted my childhood. It wasn’t until I went through the process with Anne-Marie that I ended up truly forgiving and letting go. I walked through the prison doors that were created by pain and abuse and am free - finally! It’s awesome!

Irma Morris

“Anne-Marie is amazing! I felt completely understood and validated. It was like I mattered! It is just the way she speaks to you and has the ability to look deep in your eyes and understand who you are. I felt so safe as we processed my unresolved grief. I have a lightness in my life now. Everyone needs to do this!”

Monica Nordquist

It’s been an eye-opening experience! I’ve learned I am not broken or damaged, but completely normal. I was given the tools needed to clean out all the pain in my heart. When I have another loss, I NOW have the ability to work through the anger, hurt and pain, and make more room in my heart for future love, joy, and happiness! I'm looking forward to the new memories I plan on making and getting to know and like and accept the new me. I was given a lifelong gift, that I will treasure forever.

Tammi Risse

A painful loss I thought I had done my best to "get over" was still debilitating, but now resolved. I can honestly say I am healed from it. After 34 years I never thought I would be able to release the anger, hate & pain from my father. But when I did I was exhausted, proud, relieved and so blessed. I would recommend this class with this facilitator to anyone and everyone.

Private Client

Anne-Marie is a gentle, kind and loving person; perfect for walking through this process with you. She listens intently and helps you see things you can’t see because you’re too close to the situation. She is transparent, genuine and open with the details of her own journey, so you never feel alone or abandoned. Anyone considering this program should just do it!! The emotional weight that is lifted is life-changing. It’s that simple. Totally worth it.

Private Client

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