Natalie McCollum

“A few words about you and how you helped me:

First I was so taken by your story and how well you understand grief.  I felt that you really understood that grief is tough to get through since most of us feel it in our hearts and in not our heads.  That really resonated with me. 

CBT did not help me because in my mind and brain I already knew I was not going to die from my grief… however, my heart was so sad that I felt like it.  Another therapist kept telling me, “but, you don’t have cancer and so your chances of dying are so slim.” I knew that but my heart was still so sad.  I realized that listening to people tell me that my brain needs to not be sad, was not working. 

Also, your approach of listening to my entire story in order to sort through and get the most important pieces that need to be dealt with was key. Sometimes, people need to be heard and validated.  You do that in spades.  The book is great tool and guide.  However, you created a safe space to allow me to grieve deeper and do the work, to be vulnerable and to go to ugly places without judgment.  It is part of the healing process and so powerful.  Thank you for being such a good listener, empathizer and motivator to get through the tough recovery process in order to experience a better way to feel and live.  One more thing I would tell others is that this is a deep journey and it requires patience, determination and hard work to get through.  You might feel worse before better.“