Drexelle Park

I did not believe I needed “grief healing”. I have found healing in the past through wonderful counselors, retreats, and church programs. But I couldn’t quite lift off a very heavy weight. I happened to meet Anne-Marie in person and within 5 minutes of talking to her, I found myself weeping. I did not understand why.

After going through her multi-week program virtually during COVID-19, I now understand.

If you let yourself embrace the process fully, diving deep into what has driven you to grieve, her process is surgical. It required a depth of exploring and communicating specific losses that I had never before realized was possible. For the first time in my life, I allowed myself to feel the pain that I’ve spent my life avoiding to feel. And it hurt, like hell. But I’m so very grateful Anne-Marie was there to guide me through that.

I honestly believe God used her to bring me what I truly needed: release from the weight I had so long carried.
Face what you are scared to acknowledge. Go deep. Be freed. And don’t do it alone. I highly recommend having Anne-Marie to help guide you to the freedom that can be found on the other side.