The Next Chapter: A luxurious, all-inclusive, life-changing retreat for widows.

from Anne-Marie Lockmyer

This luxurious, all-inclusive, life-changing retreat offers time and space to move through grief, to heal and to discover purpose and joy. 6 widows will learn how to thrive in the next chapter of their story. This retreat will support guests to return home with hope, clarity and tools to embrace their new future while still remembering the love of their life.

As a widow, I know the pain and devastation of losing the love of your life and am living proof that you can go from surviving to thriving. I know what it is like to have your world stop while everyone else moves on. I know what it is like to be stuck and wonder what to do next. I know first-hand that pain is real - but so is hope and so is healing. 


This is an invitation to a 6-day intimate healing experience with me and 5 other widows. 

This is an invitation to go deep into your broken heart, to free you from pain. 

This is an invitation to rediscover who you are and how to thrive in the next chapter of your story. as we write it together.

This is an invitation to be pampered and cared for surrounded by breathtaking views, away from the noise and busyness of life. 


Allow me to be your personal guide as we take this journey through one-on-one private sessions as well as impactful intimate group sessions with 5  women on the same journey. It’s not about forgetting your loved one. It’s about remembering as you live forward. 

This is an invitation for transformation in the deepest places. And it lasts more than 6 days with 30 days of pre-care and 30 days of post-care included, so we know each other before you arrive and you leave with support in place to live out the personalized Thrive Plan we create. 


Will you join me? 


Schedule a clarity call with Anne-Marie or email to find out more.

Come Experience:

  • A beautiful oasis in Temecula, California and the peaceful setting of the Villa De La Vine private hilltop chateau.
  • Learn the techniques of grief recovery. 
  • Make the most of the intimate setting by receiving personal attention and time with Anne-Marie and her team. 
  • Connect with an intimate group of like-minded women. 
  • Delicious meals catered to your dietary needs.
  • Individual and group sessions

Key Benefits You Will Take Home: 

  • An intimate community of friends
  • Feel relaxed and rejuvenated
  • A lighter heart filled with hope and a plan for the future.
  • New experiences, tools and resources to equip you for this next chapter
  • A personalized Thrive Plan with 30 days of follow up and support from Anne-Marie and her team. YOU WILL NOT DO THIS ALONE!

Your Stay:  Enjoy all the following amenities of Villa De La VIne, a private hilltop chateau (all meals, drinks, activities, and services are included)

  • Private Rooms for each guest
  • Beautiful Views of Temecula’s vineyards
  • Private one-on-one sessions with Anne-Marie Lockmyer 
  • Intimate group workshop sessions led by Anne-Marie and her team for healing, growth and life planning
  • Private Customized Facial 
  • Private Massage
  • Optional Morning Yoga or Group Workouts
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Daily Happy Hour 
  • Plush Linens 
  • Lounges, decks/porches, multiple relaxation areas to experience during free time
  • 24 hr gourmet coffee/tea/snack bar
  • Nutritious homemade meals catering to your dietary needs

We will customize your retreat experience, during your 30-day pre-retreat care. 

Villa De La Vine the beautiful hilltop chateau in Temecula, California.
Outdoor dining area in the garden during sunset.

Guest Rooms: 

  • Bedroom 1 - Queen size bed, shared bathroom with shower/tub, window views of the wineries, and personal fireplace. 
  • Bedroom 2 - Queen size bed, shared bathroom with shower/tub, french doors to small outdoor patio. 
  • Bedroom 3 - Queen size bed, shared bathroom, french doors to small outdoor patio. 
  • Bedroom 4 - Queen size bed, private bathroom with shower/tub. 
  • Bedroom 5 - Queen size bed, private bathroom with shower.  
  • Bedroom 6 - Queen size bed, shared bathroom with shower/tub, french doors to small outdoor patio.

All our rooms at Villa De La Vine include plush linens, beautiful views of the wineries, daily cleanings and turn down service.

Pricing: Everything is included from the moment you arrive til the moment you depart (food, lodging, massage, facial, etc)

$4600 Private room with shared bathroom (Only 4 available) 

$4900 Private room with private bathroom (Only 2 available) 


Sample of Content:

  • Healing a broken heart: the process of grief recovery
  • Designing a Personalized Plan to Thrive
  • How to Manage the Upcoming Holiday Season
  • Finding Purpose in Our Pain
  • How to honor and remember your husband
  • Discovering what feeds your soul
  • Why we all need to laugh
  • When and how to date (if you are interested)
  • Vocation planning (if you are considering a career change)
  • Managing your money
  • Living well through nutrition, movement and self-care.
  • How You Have Been Designed: An in-depth look at your personality, skills, interests and values.
  • And much more!

Schedule a clarity call with Anne-Marie today to register or email! 

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