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When we experience a great loss, it can impact every aspect of our lives, including work. The impact of grief in the workplace costs businesses millions of dollars annually in lost productivity, absenteeism, workplace accidents, health care costs, lack of focus and engagement,and presenteeism (present but not really there).

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One of the most difficult things we must deal with in life is grief. As a widow herself, Anne-Marie knows the pain and devastation that accompany grief and loss.  She is living proof that you can go from surviving to thriving.  She serves as an educational catalyst to bring hope and healing through:

Why should you have Anne-Marie speak to your employees?

The major causes of employee grief are: death of a loved one, divorce, family crisis, financial loss, death of extended family or friends, major lifestyle alteration, loss of a pet, infertility, miscarriage, estranged relationships and many more. Your employees are suffering from loss experiences most companies don’t even realize and it impacts your bottom line as well as their effectiveness and wellness.

What i offer

Crisis Response

Immediate response after a sudden death or traumatic event. Ongoing consultation related to bereavement needs as they arise, such as facilitating on-site grief support for employees and management.

Individual Employee Grief Recovery Program

This 6-week program can be done in person or online and customized to the needs of your employees.

Educational Workshops

Based on your needs, a customized workshop that will provide you with support, tools to understand loss, and the knowledge needed to build a more resilient, healthy, and productive workplace.

Lunch and Learn

If you don’t have time for an extensive workshop, a lunchtime seminar provides basic information about grief and loss . This can be a one-time seminar or a series of lunches.

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If your workplace has just suffered a sudden loss of a team member or you desire to create a more productive, healthier environment contact Anne-Marie to see how she can support you.

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Signature presentation for human resources & company leadership

Custom presentations or workshops can be designed upon request.

the Hidden Cost of Grief on Your Business:

(human resources, business owners, managers)

The impact of grief in the workplace costs businesses millions of dollars annually in lost productivity, absenteeism, workplace accidents, health care costs, lack of focus and engagement, and presenteeism (present but not there) To a great degree the costs are unnecessary and avoidable. They could be substantially mitigated by heightened awareness and some simple, practical shifts in communication. This workshop equips your company to recognize, respond and support employees through losses caused by divorce, family crisis, financial loss, death of a loved one, major lifestyle alteration, pet loss, infertility...while increasing employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity.

According to the American Hospice Foundation, at any given time, 25 percent of the workforce is grieving a loss.The reduced cost of grief can be accomplished without great expense.


  • Raise awareness of grief and loss in your workplace
  • Recognize the impact of grief in your workplace
  • Exposure to strategies for shifting practices in the workplace
  • Equipped with tools and resources to provide grief and loss support
  • Address specific needs in your company
  • Increase employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity

Content Covered:

  • What is grief?
  • Myths and truths about grief
  • The many losses in life that cause grief
  • Impact of grief in the workplace: Discipline problems are often grief problems.  Understand how all kinds of grief and loss impact employee productivity and performance
  • Tools and resources to equip leaders to respond and support an employee dealing with loss
  • Recognizing the signs
  • The importance and impact of compassion and empathy
  • Remove the awkwardness of dealing with someone in grief and gain confidence in how to interact with them appropriately
  • Develop specific workplace scenarios dealing with grief, role play and create solutions

Workplace Testimonies

“Anne Marie is the expert you never wanted to need, but grateful to have when you do. In my small business, an employee had a ruptured aneurysm and within 24 hours had passed. It was both a professional and personal shock to myself and my staff as he was both a team leader and a dear friend to us all. Within a week, Anne Marie was in our office to meet with myself and my staff to help us process the shock of our sudden loss and coach us in how we can support each other as a team. While nothing could have prepared us for this loss, I'll forever be grateful for the ways Anne Marie was able to bring my staff comfort for this moment and equip us with the coping life skills for the future. When it comes to an individual or group grieving or feeling loss, there is nobody I would recommend faster than Anne Marie.”

Darryl Jung

Managing Partner, Atlas Software Group

“As part of our team culture, it’s important for us to be able to show care for one another. Anne-Marie’s Grief and Loss Support Workshop provided our team with insight into how to recognize grief and how to show support after someone has experienced a loss. I found the training to be engaging and the information presented to be helpful and practical to the things that happen in life.  I feel that the attendees to her workshop now have better skills so that they can listen more deeply, thus, able to provide a more meaningful level of support to someone who might be in need of it.”

Lizette Yanez

Senior Human Resources Manager, VHA Corp

“We’re all doing much better.  It was really great having you here. We had no idea what to do before you came. The feedback was great.”

Jennifer Altshule


Anne-Marie’s workshop was the highest rated of all the workshops we offered at our Employee Summit.

Jesse Guzman

Project Manager, Concentrus
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