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Grief Recovery Program

Grievers are not broken; their hearts are. Grief is the natural and healthy response to any substantial loss, but sometimes the pain can be overwhelming, preventing you from moving forward and living your life. So, how do you heal a broken heart? That's what Anne-Marie’s program is all about.

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Experience Freedom From The Pain Of Grief And Loss In 6 Weeks


You need understanding and validation. Society, friends and family often don’t understand. I create a safe place where you can be honest and authentic. My approach is unique with each client since everyone grieves differently. I get you; I’ve been there; you are not alone.

Discovery & Awareness

Become empowered as I teach you about grief and loss. I will explain what is happening to you. Why are you feeling and behaving the way you are? Why do your friends not understand? Things will start to make sense. You will have many aha moments. Together, we’ll pinpoint where you are and what to do next.


Recovery has a beginning and an end. It is not counseling. This is a uniquely personal action orientated program where we take specific steps towards healing. In this intensive 6 session method I will guide you through every step and be your personal grief coach.

Relief & Freedom

The ultimate goal is to deal with all the unresolved grief that you have been carrying. As a result, your heart has been heavy and needs relief so you can start feeling the good things in life again. You will be free to live forward.

Equipping for the Future

You leave with tools to use if other losses occur. (broken relationships, job loss, pet loss, health issues, retirement, empty nest, etc).The more losses you process the healthier you will be.

About me

One of the most difficult things we must deal with in life is grief. As a widow herself, Anne-Marie knows the pain and devastation that accompany grief and loss.  She is living proof that you can go from surviving to thriving.  She serves as an educational catalyst to bring hope and healing through:
  • Individual & group grief recovery programs
  • Educational workshops for communities & organizations
  • Conference & retreat speaking
  • Grief and crisis support and consulting

Through her authentic and humorous approach, Anne-Marie forms deep connections which make for an impact and empowering seminar. There are many powerful moments as she dispels the myths and misinformation about grief and opens the audience’s eyes to what loss really is - and it is so much more than death.

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Today, I can think about my husband and smile. I can remember the happy memories without all the pain. It doesn’t mean I still don’t get sad, but I am free. This is what I want for you - a life where you are thriving, not just surviving!


Experience Freedom From The Pain Of Grief And Loss In 6 Weeks
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"Hands down one of the best experiences with a healer I have ever encountered. Anne-Marie as a person is healing, so the work she does flows naturally. She creates a sacred space for you to be yourself, unhurried and without judgment. She is truly gifted!"

Talia Bombola

- Marriage & Family Therapist
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What is Grief Recovery?

It’s a proven and effective method that provides the tools, space, and support to work through and release the pain of a significant life loss. It’s all about taking action steps to process the loss.

What kind of losses do you work with?

There are over 43 different types of losses that can cause grief, and this program can help you through all of them. Death, divorce, broken relationships, and life-changing illnesses are the most common, but if you are uncertain it could help with your type of grief, please feel free to schedule a call (add call link) or email me (email link)

Do I have to attend every session?

Yes. If you miss a session, you'll be asked to reschedule. A commitment to attend and complete the work is essential to your success.

What if I’m scared or uncomfortable about doing this?

These feelings are absolutely normal and healthy. It’s not easy for us to share our hearts and deal with deep hurts. BUT I promise you, it’s worth it! Do you want to stay where you are? Don’t let fear keep you from being set free. You will not do this alone. I will be your guide and help you overcome. It takes courage to heal. And we will do it together.

Do you offer online sessions?

Yes, I offer online video sessions as well as seeing clients in my office in Anaheim. I’ve worked with people all over the US and Canada, but even locals sometimes find it easier to meet online to save time and spare dealing with traffic.

What can I expect from our time together?

During each session, you'll be welcomed into a confidential, non-judgmental space where you can safely discover the impact of your loss and process through all the unresolved grief and emotions. I will provide you with tools and information and guide you through the book, The Grief Recovery Method. My approach is unique for each client's needs. I’ve got you and won’t let you go.

It’s my commitment to walk you through this journey while giving you a safe place to heal. There will be weekly reading assignments, or what I like to call “heartwork” that takes about an hour a week.

What should I bring with me to a session?

Everything will be provided. Feel free to bring a notebook or journal.

How is Grief Recovery different from therapy?

Grief Recovery is a series of steps specifically designed to help you recover from a significant life loss. It is an evidence-based program and it works! Unlike traditional therapy, Grief Recovery comes with a defined framework, a distinct focus on loss, and a limited number of meetings. Through the program, you will receive tools you can use for the rest of your life. Clients continually tell me
“Everyone needs to go through this!”

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
- Brene Brown
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