Grief in the Workplace

Grief costs businesses millions of dollars annually due to lost productivity, absenteeism, accidents and turnover.  Everyday people bring their grief to the workplace.


1. Consultation and On-Site Support After a Trauma, Crisis or Loss
We provide ongoing consultation related to bereavement needs as they arise and facilitate on-site grief support group(s) for employees and management after any sudden or traumatic loss or event. We are certified in critical incident stress debriefing.

2. Educational Workshops
We will assess your needs and determine with you what specific topics to cover resulting in a customized workshop to provide you with support, tools to understand loss, and the knowledge needed to build a more resilient, healthy and productive workplace.

3. Grief Recovery Support Programs for Employee's Individual or Group Programs: (7-8 weeks - on-site, off site, or online)

4. Lunch and Learn
If you don’t have time for an extensive workshop, we offer a lunchtime seminar that provides basic information about grief. This can be a one-time seminar or a series.

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