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Create a Grief-Informed Culture in Your Church Community

Across the country and the world, the church is a remarkable source of comfort for countless people. No matter who you are, the church will welcome you with an open heart and arms. They strive to be places of hope and healing to the hurting and bereaved, giving them support and a place to heal.

The pain of losing a loved one can take years to fade, and those stages of grief are often misunderstood. This is why I offer entirely complimentary 60-minutes grief-management workshops for churches. This workshop will remove any awkwardness or apprehension when dealing with those who are grieving. It’s my aim to equip church staff with all of the information, tools, and resources they need to compassionately minister to the grieving through their first year of grief and beyond. I will show you how to incorporate these methods to fit your unique church community, creating a grief-informed culture and environment.

This complimentary 60-minute workshop includes:

- Words that hurt and words that heal
- What to say and what not to say
- What is helpful action
- Myths and facts about grief
- Recognizing trigger days for the griever
- A care plan for the first year
- Understanding what is going on in the griever's mind
- How to use cards to care
- How to create a grief ministry
- Resources, tools and programs for grief support and recovery

This is my ministry and the way I give back. There is no charge, no strings attached. Together, we can help bring hope and comfort to the hurting.

“Anne-Marie’s book is truly well done! It often takes a pastor a decade to gain the wisdom she has expressed."
Dr. Clair MacMillan – National Director, Church of the Nazarene Canada

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